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Jaguar Launch Entire New Electric Car Range

Jaguar has today launched their new range of Jaguar X type model with a battery that can be used in both the internal combustion engine (CCE) and the electric motor. This is done to improve the energy efficiency of the car. With the improved efficiency, it means that the Jaguar X-type model should get about 10 percent more power from the battery than before. It also enables the battery to retain its charge for a longer period of time.

The battery has two kinds. One is an electrical car battery, which is charged using the normal car battery system. The other kind charges the electric motor itself. The batteries are made to generate electricity at a low rate so that you do not have to use too much when you start driving your electric Jaguar.

The system works in two stages. First the electric motor starts charging up the car battery. And then the engine starts working on the battery. When the second charge is complete, the car battery starts functioning once again.

The battery is manufactured using technology called “cell based battery technology”. This means that it uses electrons supplied by the battery rather than chemical processes to produce power. This is an advantage as there is no need to go through the additional expense of developing a chemical battery.

The batteries are installed in a special cradle which is designed to minimize the weight and aerodynamic air pressure created by the wind while the car is in motion. The final result is that the battery is almost completely weightless. The weight of the battery is only a few grams lighter than the average car battery. In fact, you will hardly notice it is there.

If you are worried about the cost of installing the battery, then you should take a sigh of relief. The installation cost is so low that it may actually be the cheapest car accessory you can buy for your Jaguar Eon. It can also be added to your existing car as an after-market accessory. You can be sure of the same high standard of performance that have made the Jaguar Range-T and Range-S great cars in the first place. With these features and a zero-emission drive system, it makes sense to add this great new electric car to your collection.

Even better, Jaguar has also thought of fitting this electric car with a solar roof panel as well. This means that you can power your electric car using the sun’s energy. With a charge of about Nissan LEAF batteries, this can easily power your electric car for more than 300 kilometers. This is one of the biggest milestones that the electric car has achieved. Many automobile experts believe that it will have a very positive effect on the electric vehicle market in the future.

All these benefits add up to a fantastic time to be buying an electric Jaguar. Not only will you be saving some money on conventional fuel but you will also be helping to do your bit for the environment. If you have not bought an electric Jaguar before, you should try one today. Get your first taste of the joys of an electric car and become familiar with the range of electric Jaguar automobiles that are available for sale.

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